Ivory Sheep was born on the idea that we are the brand for the misfits and black sheep. In the last few months, we have lost our way (as you can see on our current website), and would love to fix this problem! We're hoping you can help us out!!

We're looking for anyone who is unapologetically themselves, and we would love for you to photograph your Ivory Sheep items and show us how you style them! We want to diversify our website and Instagram; we know how iconic each of you are, and would love to show off your imagery! 

As a way to say thank you we will be offering a personalized discount code for 30% OFF sitewide (details below).  

These photos will be used by Ivory Sheep for product images and banners on the website as well as Instagram posts. We will be tagging and promoting you every chance we get! (to be tagged make sure you fill out your Instagram handle in the form, if you don't want your handle on the website or to be tagged, leave that part blank.)

How It Works:

Fill out the form below and click submit! Within 1-3 days we will be in touch with you, and will send you your personalized code. 

*Each form submission will be for one product that you have purchased from       Ivory Sheep. If you have multiple products, please fill out the form multiple   times.

*For each submission that is approved, the number of times you can use your   discount is increased. (i.e. if you do 3 product submissions, your code will be   valid to use 3 separate times.) 

*Discount code only applies to full priced items!

*If we find your photo's are a great fit for our Facebook/Instagram Ads then we   will reach out to you for additional benefits and to see if you are comfortable.

Guide Lines:

  • Can be photographed in portrait or landscape
  • Minimum 3 photos, max 10 per submission
  • Capture image in highest resolution possible
  • No filters please (or very subtle)
  • Please don’t add text or gifs or emoji's.
  • Products photographed must be items we currently sell on Ivory Sheep or ones you have purchased from us in the past. (If you got a dress from another brand and we currently have it in stock, your submission will be counted.)
  • You must send your content through the form below. If you're having trouble with it, you can email your submission to us at info@ivorysheep.com. 

If you haven't received anything, please follow up with us on Instagram at @ivorysheepclothing or send us an email at info@ivorysheep.com