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What we're doing & where we're going

Let's talk sustainability. It's no secret that sustainability is becoming a crucial topic for consumers and businesses alike, and rightfully so. So let's start from the basics. What is sustainability? It's the avoidance of depleting natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.

The fast fashion industry presents some alarming statistics:

  • Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill.
  • Approximately 60% of all materials used by the fashion industry are made from plastic.
  • Each year, 500,000 tons of microfibers are released into the ocean from washing clothes, equivalent to 50 billion plastic bottles.
  • The fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. If the fashion sector continues on its current path, its share of the carbon budget could rise to 26% by 2050.
  • The fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water annually, enough to meet the needs of five million people, contributing significantly to water scarcity in some regions.
  • Around 20% of industrial wastewater pollution worldwide originates from the fashion industry.

* Data from the Geneva Environment Network

Ivory Sheep's Approach

A lot of the information above can be disheartening but we all need clothes. However many slow fashion and sustainable brands are emerging to combat the fast fashion giants, and Ivory Sheep is one of them. We wholeheartedly believe in a slow fashion approach to clothing. Unlike fast fashion, slow fashion promotes environment-friendly practices and adopts sustainable production processes, conserving resources and minimizing pollution and waste. It also dramatically increases the quality of garments, as more time and care are put into their creation.

At Ivory Sheep, our core mission is to create timeless, size-inclusive, statement-quality pieces that you can wear anytime and that will last a lifetime.

We are striving to become a fully sustainable slow fashion brand. We say striving because, unfortunately, we aren't quite there yet. However, with your continued support and as we grow, we believe we can achieve this goal.

Where we are now:



is something that is very near and dear to our heart. We try to strike a real balance with luxury and sustainability. So lets break down each piece in our current packaging.

The Apparel Box:

  • Are 100% Recycled - Green Way ® Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • The Gold foil Ivory Sheep logo is vacuum-metallised aluminium, the most recycled and abundant metal on the planet. It is 100% Recyclable.

The Shipping Box:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made from a high percentage of recycled paper, free from dyes and bleaches.
  • Low carbon footprint compared to alternative packaging materials.

The Ribbon:

  • Grosgrain ribbon made from 100% Polyester.
  • Can be recycled and reused for other applications, such as chokers, wrapping gifts, and more.

Tissue Paper:

  • 100% Recyclable & Reusable

Apparel Bags:

  • Made from 100% Low-Density Polyethylene.
  • They are recyclable and can be reused for storage and other purposes.

Cotton Bags:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Cotton bags are made from a renewable resource and are biodegradable. They are strong and durable, so they can be reused multiple times.


Wax Seals:

  • Handmade with sealing wax and self adhesive tape.


  • Plastic tape, unfortuneatley can't be recycled.


  • Made from 100% Uncoated Papers.
  • Uncoated papers are a more environmentally friendly choice because they provide a higher percentage of fiber for recycling.

Business Cards:

  • Made from Coated Papers
  • Metallic finishes make recycling much harder.

Where We Are Going:

As you can see from the information above, we have a lot to be proud of, but there's still room for improvement to reach our goals. Here’s where we want to go in the coming years.

Our mission is to get our packaging as close to 100% sustainable as we possibly can. Ivory Sheep is also committed to sourcing more sustainable fabrics for our garments. We know we’re not quite there yet, but we are actively working to make this a reality in our upcoming collections.

We know this is a big challenge, but it’s achievable and something all businesses can strive for. With your continued love and support, we know we can reach these goals and make a real difference. We’d also love to hear any ideas or suggestions you have on sustainability in the fashion industry. We love to learn, and once we know better, we can do better.

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