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How do we pick our brands?
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How do we pick our brands?

We get asked a lot how we decide to bring in the brands we bring in, and the answer is a lot simpler than you may think. I only bring in brands I’m a fan of personally. The vision for the products we carry is essentially that it is a peek into my own personal closet.  

When we started Ivory Sheep, and to this day… we never think of ourselves as a business. We want all of you to see us as your friend who has a really cool closet, and you’re just trying to buy one of their pieces. I’ve been an online detective shopper since online shopping became a thing. I call myself an online detective shopper, because I can literally find you anything you’re looking for. Like no joke, send me a picture of a piece you’re trying to track down… I’ll make it happen; it may be a piece from 2010, but I’ll be able to find you the product name, brand, and collection it’s apart of. Lowkey, it’s my magic power. But honestly, that’s the goal of our shop; to put your dream piece in your hands.

My own personal closet resembles a costume closet, and there’s truly nothing practical about it. Seasons don’t exist- there’s no such thing as summer or winter clothes… just really heavy coats I wear over mini dresses (and yes, I’m in Canada so it gets REAL cold)! Sizes also don’t exist, I literally own dresses that range in XS-XL, when traditionally I’m a medium. But I understand that brands vary in sizes, and I pay no mind that I may be an XL in one dress, or a small in another (brand sizing has always been really messed up). I also hate wearing pants, I’m a dress girl through and through. AND if I do wear pants, I am EXTREMELY specific about what I wear. Jeans? I could never, I wish I could, but I just don’t feel like myself in them. I just adore clothes, and I want our website to be a place that resembles that. I want to be that shop that makes dreams happen for each of you, because in all my shopping days there’s only been a few shops that’s been like that for me… and each time some bigtime CEO has booted the owner out of the business, and made that store become BLAH. I want to remove the sizing guesses we all have to do with online shopping- and give you my own review of each piece and it’s sizing.

Now when it comes to bringing in brands I have a set list of questions. First and foremost; does it give me goosebumps and do I need to have it for myself this very second?! Next I look at quality; this means a lot to me cause who wants to spend money on something that’s just going to crumble after a wash? I want each piece to be in your closet for the rest of your life, and something you could never part ways with. May sound dramatic, but each item in my closet means too much to me to ever give up! Next I look at sizing, I think extended sizing is extremely important, and every brand I come into contact with I always ask if extending their range is in their direct future. If it is, they pass that test. I then look at the owner/creator, and I love to know about how the pieces are made; is it ethical and sustainable? It’s wild to me how hard this information is hard to come into, and the sad part is you’re left with no option but to take their word. Then you need to check in on these things every few months to make sure nothing has changed!

And voila! That’s my process. Now when it comes to bringing in specific items, it really is what pieces do I adore the most. Sometimes I’ll try to think about all of you, and what you may like… but the few times I’ve done that, it’s been a major flop or psyched me out. When I stay true to the pieces that make my heart flutter, that’s usually the piece that you all sell me out of in seconds!

To us, the brand is so personal… truly it feels like I’m putting my soul on a website. Fashion is supposed to be an escape from the boring, it’s a form of self-expression, it’s sometimes the only thing that will bring you happiness when you’re feeling extremely down. And we just want to help you find that piece…and have some fun lol!

We are a Selkie Canada retailer. A selkie stockist and selkie boutique who carries the full range of extended sizing, the selkie puff dress, LoveShackFancy, Dream Sister Jane, Serpenti, Amy Jane, and Azalea Wang. 

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