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Behind The Grass Wall
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Behind The Grass Wall

Ivory Sheep is a brand that has been in the works for years!

After finding that the fashion industry I dreamed of was no where near what I imagined. I dreamed of creating my own fashion industry, and what better place than Halifax?! This place had felt like home to us, and we realized it was a place that was just as hungry for a fashion industry as we were.

We have always been obsessed with fashion, and I have always considered myself an online shopping MacGyver. Show me a picture of something you want, and I can find it for you. A lot of the things that go into business are second nature to me. Sourcing, buying, researching; these are the things that would go into my own personal buying process, so when it came to buying for the store it was not difficult at all.

We are extremely cautious with what we bring into store; and with it comes a long list of requirements. These requirements include quality, and the story behind the brands we bring in. There are so many brands out there that are super popular, but also a tad bit shady. And just because a brand is popular does not mean we are going to carry it. It needs to be a brand we believe in and stand with.

We want to share this information, because we want everyone to know that their money is going into other businesses that have common values. We want each piece you buy from us to have a story and each time you put on that garment you are reminded and empowered. Clothes are so much more than fabric to us; clothing and the way you carry yourself is an act of self-expression, but it is also a statement. Rather than wearing clothes from fast fashion, we dare you to buy garments that align with your values, and we dare you to think about where you are spending your money.

I tested myself with this first:

I suddenly found myself buying mid to high end garments. I would hunt for brands I believed in with owners and designers who I was inspired by. I suddenly found getting dressed to feel like a ritual. A moment where you got to dig deep and decide who you were going to be that day. At this time, I was working in a job I could not stand and a job that could not be further from the fashion industry.

I went to work everyday in uniform and steel toe boots. Every morning I would wake up with dread and found peace in getting dressed. I would carefully choose which under garments I would wear that day, or what jewelry I could add to this uniform. These were the only pieces of my daily outfit that I had control of, but they were also the pieces that got me through my miserable job. I remember when I was having horrible days, I would reminisce on the bra I was wearing that day, the campaign and look book associated with it and this would help me return to a normal breath.

Clothing is so much more than something you keep in your closet; for people like me it is my absolute sanity, and it is the very thing that has gotten me through the craziest moments of my life. This is the reason why we are so meticulous with the brands we carry; I want these brands to inspire each one of you, and I want these garments to be something that uplift you when you did not know you needed it.


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