About us

Ivory Sheep Clothing was first born in 2019. It was born on the feeling of never fitting in, and constantly being the black sheep.  

Co-owner, Mackenzie had spent years in the fashion and retail industry, noticing that there weren’t many brands that catered to those who wanted something unique and of high quality. She had talked about her dream of Ivory Sheep for years, and her partner Michael believed in it and wanted to make it happen. 

The brand was originally inspired by a song by Gin Wigmore; Black Sheep. In the years leading up to opening, the two realized a lot of businesses had called themselves Black Sheep. And in true black sheep fashion, they had to go against the herd. Thus the name Ivory Sheep came to mind.  

Mackenzie and Michael are fashion addicts; constantly shopping and constantly on the hunt for products that are special and well made. Ivory Sheep is a passion project, it’s finding products the two love and knowing that there are others out there that will love the product just as much. 

Ivory Sheep is meant to feel like home, or a place you instantly think of when you’re looking for a specific product. It’s meant to be a place you go to, to feel inspired, motivated, or the place you turn to when you’re feeling down. 

At Ivory Sheep we try to carry extended sizing and are continuously looking for brands that are trying to break the mold. At Ivory Sheep, we believe every one should feel like their most authentic, confident, and powerful self… just as they are!