We stand out, we have fun, we go against the grain and we don’t care what anyone has to say about it! 

Ivory Sheep was inspired by the feeling of always being the black sheep. We wanted to create a space that felt fun and free! It’s a space where fashion enthusiasts come together from all different walks of life to feel like they finally found their herd! 

At Ivory Sheep we try to carry several brands that offer extended sizing. We’re constantly looking for brands that are trying to break the mold, both in style and sizing options. We believe everyone should feel their most authentic, confident, and playful self.  

Each piece we carry is carefully selected, and we won’t carry brands that we don’t personally own or obsess over. We pride ourselves on the best customer service, and our priority is to always make you feel like you’re talking to a friend, rather than talking to just another business.  

A bit about the owners:

Ivory Sheep was founded by high school sweethearts, Michael and Mackenzie in 2021.  

We’ve always had champagne taste, but never the budget to match it. This has resulted in us having to be scrappy and creative with our fashion wants. Thankfully the scrappiness has led us to brands we adored as shoppers and now are so happy to carry at our business! The one thing we would love for everyone to know that shops with us, is that you’re shopping with two people who are shoppers first and business owners second.

We have been online shoppers since the very beginning and found that there was a problem in the industry. It hasn’t always been the easiest to find unique pieces online where you also felt completely taken care of as a customer. The online world missed the human connection, and experience. We love to go above and beyond for each of you, because we wish this is how we were treated. In our world, there is nothing more important than finding that perfect piece; it should feel like nothing but a dream from first laying your eyes on it, until you get that piece in your hands. To us the experience means everything, and that’s something we love to create at Ivory Sheep. You shouldn’t have to buy only designer brands to get that feeling, every single purchase should feel like it. We love to be apart of your entire experience, and take joy in talking to each of you about absolutely anything… especially fashion!

You can chat with us via info@ivorysheep.com or DM us on IG @ivorysheepclothing, we respond almost immediately!