About us

Ivory Sheep Clothing was opened in November of 2020.

The brand was inspired by the feeling of never fitting in. After having spent years in the Toronto fashion scene, it was evident that there needed to be a change. Ivory Sheep is that change. Fashion is meant to be a form of self expression, and is something that is subjective. Fashion has no age, size, or limits; it can be whatever you want it to be.

This is the very thing that Ivory Sheep stands by. We bring in products from brands that we have tested ourselves, and by brands that we truly stand by. We hand pick our pieces, after rigorous research to ensure that the brand meets all of our standards; gold standard factories, equal pay, high quality, and of course extremely unique. We carry very limited quantities of our items to ensure that the uniqueness remains.

Ivory Sheep is meant for those who have always stood out, and have never fit in. It is a place where we celebrate individuality, and want each and every one of you to feel your absolute best no matter what that looks like.