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Get To Know Us
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Our Story

Behind the brand

We're just a tad bit rebellious deep down. So, why did we go with the name Ivory Sheep, you might wonder? Well, it's a little play on words. In a world full of brands embracing the "black sheep" label, we wanted to flip the script. For us, being a black sheep isn't just about being different anymore. So, what's the opposite? An Ivory Sheep.

We've always stood out from the crowd, and choosing our name was no exception. We wanted to be unique, to set ourselves apart, and to build a community around that idea. Because we know there are others out there who feel the same way. People who crave something fresh in their wardrobe and a touch of luxury in their shopping experience.

We believe everyone deserves access to top-notch fashion, regardless of size, and it doesn't have to be bland. Our brand is all about embracing yourself just as you are. We're committed to inclusivity in sizes, ethical production practices, and crafting bold, playful designs while offering a premium shopping experience. Plus, we don't make clothing according to fashion seasons. Instead, we create timeless pieces that you can enjoy year-round, free from fleeting trends.

And guess what? We're just getting started. There's so much more we want to do!

The 6 Pillars of Ivory Sheep

Customer Happiness

Your happiness and satisfaction with Ivory Sheep is our driving force. Your love, feedback and support are what makes this brand it's best self everyday and we take that extremely seriously


We deeply care about Mother Nature and our planet, the only home we've ever known. Sustainable packaging and practices mean a lot to us. While we're not perfect, we do the best we can with our current resources. As we grow and learn, we strive to change for the better, always aiming to improve and make a positive impact.

Ethical Production

We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their profession, deserves a living wage, a safe environment, and fair treatment. That's why we carefully selected our factory, which holds BSCI, SEDEX, and Gold Wrapped certifications.


Size inclusivity means a lot to us. We've faced challenges finding clothes that fit our sizes, so we wanted to tackle that issue. That's why we offer sizes from XXS to 7X, and we plan to expand further.


Diversity is key – we believe all body types should be represented. We acknowledge we can improve in our photoshoots, and as we grow, we're committed to doing better. We ask for your patience as we work on this.


Ensuring top-notch quality in our garments is our priority. We strive for perfection in every piece, pouring love and care into them. We uphold strict quality control measures, focusing on fabric, fit, flow, construction, functionality and more. If any aspect is compromised, we cut the garment.

Meet The Founders

Ivory Sheep was founded by Mackenzie & Michael, high school sweethearts with a passion for fashion, customer service, and luxury shopping experiences. They also have a special fondness for packaging!

"We couldn't find all of those things in one brand, so we decided to create it ourselves," says Mackenzie.

Ivory Sheep Collection Limited



Meet Mackenzie, a co-founder of Ivory Sheep. She's the driving force behind our brand, guiding us on our creative journey. Mackenzie designs collections, manages social media and customer service, handwrites thank-you cards, and much more.

Ivory Sheep Collection Limited



Meet Michael, a co-founder of Ivory Sheep. He keeps everything behind the scenes running smoothly, from managing this website to packaging orders and even contributing to clothing design through drawing and technical design.


Learn more about our sustainability values and what we have planned

Where We're Going

As we grow, we have many aspirations. This timeline outlines our goals and where we envision the brand in the years ahead.

2024 - 2025

Sustainable Luxury Packaging

Our goal is to make all of Ivory Sheep's luxury packaging—boxes, poly mailers, envelopes, and more—100% eco-friendly and sustainable by 2025, or even sooner.



Sustainable Fabrics

Our goal is to find a reliable supplier of high-quality, ethical, and environmentally friendly fabrics, so we can ensure that all our garments are made with sustainability in mind, aiming for them to be as close to 100% sustainable as possible.




In 2025-2026, we aim to make our products more accessible by partnering with boutiques and retailers who share our values. These offerings will naturally align with our principles.